joi, 7 iulie 2016

How to sell your house fast?

Life is full of surprises and this fact confirmed to me one month ago, when so it happened that I received a very good job proposal from my country - which was really great, as I really wanted to be more in Romania.

But... when you are changing you job, your city, your friends will also remain in the past, so this decision was pretty tough, as it was almost impossible to solve all the necessary things in such a short amount of time - 30 days.

So... my major problem was not the furniture, the TV, my play station or all the books that I have purchased from this city, but the main concern was the house that I own, and the fact Thai I will need to abandon it here while knowing pretty well that the chances to return would be really slim  - so I did not now really what to do, it was impossible for me to really decide, but at least I tried to sell it.

After discussing with a couple of appraisers and with a couple of realtors as well I decided that I had to give it a go with less than 3 weeks before leaving town - and I really had a very good surprise with Tour Wizard, a very neat piece of software that helped me in building a very nice online, virtual presentation of my house -> I really think that this virtual tour creator software was the greatest invention related to the real estate industry because it allows people to build really relevant presentation when they want to sell their houses.

An I did not believed my eyse, in less than 2 weeks my hous was sold and I had a new problem  - with one more week to stay, I had to rent a room in a hotel in order to have a pillow under my head :))