miercuri, 4 mai 2016

Best virtual tours with tourwizard

If you are going to sell your house or if you maybe have a real estate agency that is specialised in selling houses, then I have a great tip for your marketing efforts, a software soluton that will help you a lot in improving your listing, will increase the conversion rate, will increase all the necessary exposure and the most important thing would be that it will increase conversions or better say - will improbe the ratio between visits and actual sales.

So - one of the major selling points is the fact that a person that is going to see your property virtual tour will more likely purchase the property, as he understands exactly how the house/apartment looks, how is compartmentalized and how it really looks.

Now - regarding the online marketing efforts, it is very important to say that this solution is going to provide you all the necessary features that you need in order to embed it in certain web pages or platforms, to share it on social media or to simply send the presentation link through a mail to a certain client.

All the necessary functions related to marketing are embedded in this solution, which is really great.

Also, a mojor advantage over the competition is in the fact that even a user that is not good at using computers of editing software can do a really good presentation with this solution.

We invite you to test it and afterwards to share your opinion.

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